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Juggling Career, Motherhood & Life Part I

December 10, 2018

It’s been a rough year for sure. I had a bad start to 2018 when my mother in law passed back in the late Winter. I didn’t spend much time blogging this year as a good part of 2018 was spent working for a local company one town over. (Which turned out to be a very large car-seat manufacturer). I will refer to them as Company A during this blog post.

About a year ago, I was reached by what I had thought was a recruiter. (He will referred to as Person B). He spoke not very fluent English and I wanted to just delete the message and move on. At the time, I wasn’t looking for any career as I will still a full time college student. On top of working part time freelance and being home with the kiddos part time, I really wasn’t open to anything new. I decided to change all of that and reach back out to Person B. I went along with what he was offering and decided to see if it was 100% legit. It felt too good to be true. I mean, who offers a WordPress design & development job in this industry and happens to be so close to home? I had been looking for an opportunity like this for years and this just plopped into my lap. It was just so perfect and seemed just too good to be true.

I had a phone interview a few days later after this encounter and decided to just move on from getting too excited for the job. I felt that since I had bad luck in my previous years interviewing, I wanted to just move on and see if they would reach back out. A couple days later, Person B sent me an inbox message offering something to me and asked if it was a good fit.

Nearly a month goes by and I had finally heard back from this company. They offered me an internship and I was set to start the next day. (I thought when they wanted to schedule something in person, like a face-to-face interview). I was still a little hesitant to start the position. The day I was set to show up, I kept coming up with excuses to cop out of going there. It wasn’t that I felt like I was not a fit, but that I was too nervous to be around tons of people and adapt to the new changes of life. My husband had started a job next door to Company A a month before I was reached out about the job, so this was ultimately perfect for the location.

My first day was something I will always remember. My heart & head racing, I was set to make an impression. I showed up promptly at 10:00am as instructed and awaited Person B to officially introduce himself. I was instructed to go to the far back corner desk and get all setup for the day. Most of the day was just spent introducing myself to what felt like 50 people, making sure my email worked correctly and overall trying to not have a full blown panic attack digesting all this new information in.

When Person B came over and formally introduced himself, I finally felt I had a purpose there. I felt like I was really someone who was wanted in those doors every morning. They saw talent and I felt needed. It was awesome. He came over and brought some candy from the breakroom along with some bottled water. Those tiny gestures go far when you’re a new employee. It makes you feel respected and valued.

I went home and immediately was excited to talk about my new internship. I messaged my boss to let him know I was excited to join the team and was excited for more to come…

Part II coming…



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