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My Adult Braces Journey

December 11, 2018

It’s been nearly a year since I started my adult braces journey with Molen Orthodontics! It’s been a fun journey so far and I’m pleased to write a blog post about my experience. I’ve always been teased as a younger kid for my large front teeth and overbite and braces wasn’t always something my parents could afford as a kid. Everything changed when I turned 30 and got the courage to finally move forward with braces. I had thought that I wasn’t really a candidate for braces, so I always put it off for years. It wasn’t until December of 2017 I decided to move forward to get a free consultation.

When I arrived at my appointment, they took some photos and took x-rays to get a better picture of what they were up against. When I was brought into the office, I was expecting bad news that treatment just wasn’t possible. Dr. Molen had given me some hope on moving forward with treatment. What they were offering including no removal of extra teeth to make space. They wanted to start treatment fairly quick, but not only after i had a bad tooth removed. (I was due to have it removed, it was beyond fixing).

What advice do you have?

You are never too old to get braces! During my appointments throughout the months, I’ve seen patients well into their late 60’s getting braces. This gave me hope for my treatment.

Are braces painful & sore?

They are absolutely not painful. They are however a little tender & sore a few days after you get them. A few days ago I had a wire change to close some spaces between teeth. They are still sore a few days later.

Are braces affordable? What about payment plans?

Yes! Braces are actually more affordable than you may think. Molen worked with my budget and offered a flexible payment plan.

Any other advice?

Braces are a huge investment in your life. If you follow your treatment plan, you will have amazing results. I was a pretty bad case where I had an overbite and my bottom teeth were crowded.

Updated Pics?

Updated pictures as of December 2018

You can clearly see my overbite has changed quite a lot. My upper lip isn’t as prominent as before.

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