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Painting with a Twist Review

November 29, 2018

I was so excited to be able to participate in reviewing our local Painting with a Twist located by the Outlet Collection Seattle in Auburn, WA. For the review, I took my 2 daughters for the Mommy-Daughter painting session. For the session we attended, we were painting a mommy & child unicorn. This session normally would have 1 mom & 1 child, but for our session they accommodated to 2 child unicorns.

Setting up was fairly easy. If you’ve never attended a Painting with a Twist before, it can be a bit overwhelming at first. You come in and grab an apron and find a station. After you find your station, they are most accommodating to you by providing wine & beverages for their guests at a reasonable cost.

Once the session began, we were guided pretty easy with some easy to follow steps. They really lead you by the nose, however, you can choose to change it up and provide your own creativity if you wish. That’s what I really loved about my experience the most!

During the intermission, our instructor ran a fun little coin toss game and the winner was going to be recipient of a free pass to come back to Painting with a Twist. The coin toss came down to my 2 daughters competing against one another with my youngest winning the prize!

The final result was amazing. I decided to improve on the unicorn hair and add some much needed curls with a dash of gold glitter pain. It’s hanging on my living room wall near my son’s camp flags.



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